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You can call me crippled jim . I was born as a disabled bisexual male. I've always been well taken care of by kind & loving people. Yet, part of me has always fantasized about being at the mercy of sadistic females. The first few tales of horror, cruelty, & torture have been written from their point of view, but I think I'm going to start writing from the slave's POV.

Don't expect suspenseful stories of good verses evil. No, these will be stories of evil people taking pleasure in doing evil things to the most vulnerable among us. Enjoy them, or don't, I don't really care. πŸ–•


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Meet crippled jim's Mistress

I'm physically disabled with Cerebral Palsy, thus I can't make myself understood over the phone.  However, I've purchased three (so far) erotic recordings from Mistress Erika, based on my fantasy of being dominated.  I wrote the first script & we collaborated on the second.  She’s been patient & kind with me, and has been able to deliver EXACTLY the experience I was after. 

Judging by Her vocal tones, ad-libs, and script additions I could tell She understood the fantasy and was getting into it Herself.  While our schtick is her being "cruel to me," Mistress Erika always treats me with the utmost respect outside of the fantasy.  

In fact, she initially had trouble calling me "crippled jim."  However, once we went back & forth more, we were able to define the border between the real world respect and sadistic play.

Being disabled, and dependent on others, I've become a really good judge of character.  Mistress Erika genuinely wants to provide a safe and fun experience for her subbies.  As a result, She’s provided me with a safe supportive outlet for my sexuality.  

She allows me to serve Her, daily, as her online slave, by finding sadistically sexy captions & GIFs She can use to boost Her online presence.  Of course, being her online slave, I have a daily quota to meet, with no days off.  I'm never thanked for good work, but instantly rebuked for sending Her less than top quality material. I'm lucky to have Mistress Erika as my Mistress.


Blue Balls Anyone? 

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Her Podcast - The Weekly Hot Spot 
The Weekly Hot Spot is a totally fun & informative hour.  Mistress Erika & her co-host are two beautifully diabolical mistresses having fun discussing a variety of topics related to cock teasing & long range femdom.  Hearing the sheer joy in their voices as they discuss giving their subbies blue balls is such a turn on!  

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  1. Thank you CJ, what a delight your submissive, submission. Your words of worship do please me.πŸ’‹

    1. I'm happy you like it, my Mistress. You make this humble submissive smile. πŸ’‹ing your 🦢